Last Updated: December 13, 2014

BubblePress WordPress Theme

BubblePress is a two column, widget-ready, fast loading, easy to customize HTML5 WordPress theme from BubbleIndia. The theme has a visually clean design with a classic 2-column layout, useful for both blogs and regular websites. Its for free use and with free lifetime support. It loads very fast, and works perfect with all modern web browsers.

bubblepress wordpress html5 theme

Get BubblePress (.zip file) | View Live Demo


You can install the theme through the WordPress installer under Themes → Install themes by searching for it.

Alternatively you can get the file from here, unzip it and move the unzipped contents to the wp-content/themes folder of your WordPress installation. You will then be able to activate the theme.

Why use BubblePress WordPress Theme?

WordPress Compatible – Compatible to support features of the latest wordpress version. Support for comment threading, paging and stickies.

Spam Free – the template has been checked to be free of any hidden links and bug codes.

Gravatar ready – Choose gravatar dispay options from WP Admin.

Plugin Compatible – Tested and retested to support most plugins.

Valid XHTML and CSS – The theme has been thoroughly checked for XHTML and CSS validity and its ready to go with any browser and platform.

Free Lifetime Support – ask your queries and get them answered for free. We help you use and optimize QuickPress for as long as you use it.

FREE – like all WordPress goodness, released under a GPL License.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can I change the link colors?

Sure. see the “a” tags in style.css

Can I edit the template to suit my needs?

You can edit the css file to blend your content and suit your requirements.