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Last Updated: October 9, 2014

How to Increase Android Internal Memory Space

There are two places on Android phones where you can store your files and apps – Internal and External memory. The Android internal memory is an important part which when is full can slow down your device.

So it’s important to free up some space as you can not buy or upgrade it like external memory.

Why Increase Internal Phone Storage?

  • It makes your phone run faster.
  • Allows you to install large apps.

What To Do When Android Internal Memory Is Low?

Clean History and Caches

Every time you surf internet, get an app from market or run an application that needs internet access a history and cache log is created on phone internal memory. Clearing this log you can easily free up some space on your device.

If you want to clean multiple app cache and history at once, try the free app 1 Tap Cleaner and see the difference it makes.

Uninstall Apps

Android internal memory full - How to clean it?It is the easiest way to clean android internal memory. So, if you don’t use an app much then go ahead and uninstall it.

You don’t need to worry if its a premium app because you can re-install it again at any time you want.

To uninstall an app open Application Manager and sort apps by size. By sorting apps by size you can easily figure out which app you should uninstall to increase internal memory on android phone.

Move Apps to SD Card

Though you can set up default storage location for installeded apps. You might find some apps that automatically installs on android internal memory.

So you may need to manually move them to SD card by going through Manage Application Setting.

And if you hate to check for each app whether it supports moving to SD card or not. Install App2SD, this app enables you to move all possible apps to SD card. Secondly, it notifies you if there’s an app which can be moved to SD card.

However, there are some apps that you can not move to SD card. To force them move to  SD card you’ll need to root your device, which is complicated.

But if you have access to rooted phone, then you can easily move such apps to SD card. For this you need to install Link2SD app from Google Play.

Root Your Android Phone

Rooting your phone is the best way to increase android internal memory space. Once rooted you’ll get full control over your device. You’ll be able to uninstall system applications, widgets, themes and much more by using Titanium Backup app.

However, rooting your android phone has its own disadvantage.

If somehow your phone gets damaged then the manufacturer will not repair it. Because rooting your android phone violates manufacturer’s warranty.

So be careful while you root your device.


  1. VArun says:

    You could also shift to a ROM which uses less internal memory, after the phone is rooted!

  2. Rohit says:

    I am using Xperia Arc S (ICS) every time I clear cache the free memory space decreases; yes it decreases e.g earlier it was 150 MB and after clearing the cache the free memory space is 140 MB. This is something weird. I know that initially the performance of the phone decreases after clearing the cache but how come the memory space utilization is getting more.

  3. thanks for the tips dude… so i can increase of internal memory in my android phone. I have app to sd apps in my hh, so i can decrease internal memory ussage.. :D

  4. Ravinder says:

    very helpful article….keep sharing such type of tips according to the needs of user…thanks
    In smartphones arena….evn rooting becomes essential now a days to exploit all features…

  5. srikanth says:

    Dude i’m using xolo q700 which dos not have aq feature of moving apps to the SD card could you Help me out How to move my apps to the SD card

  6. srikanth says:

    hey why should i not use link2sd ??? is there any chances of transfer of APPs to SD using Link2sd ????
    could you pls guied me the rooting steps of my phn xolo q700 i would be most happy if u suggest me

    • Link2SD is the best app but you can use it only after you have successfully rooted your phone. So first you need to root your phone then you can make use of this awesome app. Here’s an step-by-step guide on how to root Xolo Q700 –

      • MIMI says:

        Hi Tesur,

        when i start Link2Sd it give me the wording below..

        Link2SD couldn’t obtain root access.
        If you have root access make sure you response ‘Allow’ or ‘Grant’ to the superuser request.

        Now how to resolve the problem. Please assist.

        • Have you rooted your android device yet? It is a requirement for using Link2SD.

  7. Rupali says:

    My phone (Micromax A110) is showing Internal SD memory full (2 GB) however Apps of only about 100 MB are installled onto it. Other Apps are stored in Internal Storage of my phone. Unable to understand the problem as deleting Apps is not helping. Only if i delete few of the pics and videos am able to make some space but it seems to be getting used up immediately. Please suggest.

    • Hi Rupali,

      Looking at your problem, I assume that you’re using apps like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. If you have installed any of these apps, and you have too many friends on these social networking site then make sure you don’t sync your contacts as it will consume too much space on your device. In case, your contacts are already synced then you should delete them. Hope this will help you!

  8. Rupali says:

    Thanks for your reply. As I could see I had synced my whatsapp and gmail account contacts. I presume by saying deleting you mean to say turning off sync. kindly advice.


    • After turning off sync you need to remove your gmail and whatsapp accounts from Accounts & Sync Settings . Once this is done you can now add these accounts back but this time make sure you don’t sync them again. All this needs to be done because even after unsynchronizing your accounts your previously synced contacts still remains stored in your internal storage.

  9. ishan says:

    how can I root my xperia sola? itz nt upgraded yet!

  10. ayan karmakar says:

    How can I extened my internal memory without uninstall or removing apps

    • If you don’t want to remove apps and you’ve apps that cannot be moved to SD card then the only thing you can do to extend your internal memory is rooting. But make sure to create a backup before rooting your phone.

      • Shashwat says:

        How do i extended the internal phone memory as i have rooted my Spice Pinnacle Pro it has an apps storage of 0.98 GB. Bigger apps install on the Internal SD card but not all.

        • Now that you’ve rooted your device, you can easily move almost every applications to the SD card using Link2SD app.

          • Shashwat says:

            Link2sd is asking for a CWG mod which i cant find for my device. Do you know where can i get a custom rom for MT6589 devices

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