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5 Defensive SEO Strategies For Beginners

Just like PR activities in physical world boil down to proactive and defensive strategies, similarly, the cyber world too functions that way. Whether it is building your brand image or SEO, it is important to know the tricks of the trade when you are to execute a defensive SEO as it comes in the forefront when you are dealing and managing a crisis situation. It has also become very easy for someone to tarnish your reputation by building spam links to your website.

It is also important to have the ability to protect your website’s reputation from the harm caused by negative publicity via negative comments, making it more difficult to stay ahead in order to secure your rankings. Here are the various defensive SEO strategies that will help you minimize the potential problems:

Defensive SEO Strategies to Minimize Potential Problems

Analyzing the risk

The first thing to do is to conduct a risk analysis in order to understand the ranking security and the ways in which you can carry our effective risk management in order to mitigate potential threats. Check your security software and update it so that it does not have problems that can alter your rankings. You must always keep in mind that your competitors would be trying to improve their own ranking and reputation by leveraging the same, hence undertake risk assessment so as to protect your brand image.

Conduct competition analysis and regular monitoring

Risk assessment also involves constant and regular competition analysis and monitoring. Since you and your competitors are all doing SEOs, hence they might be using the keywords that are specific to your website. You must realize that you are not immune to having a negative reputation being built up by your competitors towards your product and business as they can easily access your online links and posts.

Hence, it is important to be proactive in order to deter your competitors from driving sales and traffic away from your website. Analyze your links and see how your competitors are acquiring the links and affecting your prospect.

Control your key terms to improve your brand reputation

It is important to identify the areas which require improvement of the brand image by controlling the key terms. You can optimize your reputation by controlling many of these terms that are directly related to the sales keywords. For instance, if you control the key terms regarding comparisons, problems and reviews , then you have higher chances of building a positive image of the company/brand.

Manage your reputation by Reputation Management

It is important to focus on any potential negative publicity that can attract the attention of your users and potential users. Firstly, you can control the terms that feature high in the negative press and play them down. If someone places a negative comment about your product or service, then you can lessen the impact by countering it with a positive response. A strong online presence on various social media sites is also a good way to counter the negative statements.

Protect your links

A very important part of defensive SEO strategies is to monitor your links so that you protect your own results. Monitor potential threats of your competitors trying to buy or copy your link locations.

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