Last Updated: December 13, 2014

6 Tips For Enhancing Your Blog Content

Whether you are just beginning your blogging career or you already have a well-known blog with lots of traffic, there are always ways to enhance your blog content and make it even more engaging.

Performing a Google search will in a matter of seconds, enable you to find useful texts on the Internet recommending interesting tools, applications and add-ons that will help you spice up your blog posts.

Here are six quick tips and accompanying tools that can get you started and give you some ideas of how to improve and enhance the presentation of your blog content.

Research and take notes

No matter what your blog is about, it can take time to find a topic that is worth writing about.  There are great resources that can help you with that. If you are a more visual type of person, you’ll want to check out websites where people share collections of images, videos, and presentations like Pinterest.

Zemanta is another excellent website that suggests ideas, articles and videos related to any topic you want to search for at their website. You can always find inspiration on other people’s blogs who write about similar things.

Even if you are writing about a subject that you think you know well, it’s always better to do some research before starting to write. When you type in the keywords for your topic, lots of articles will pop up, but you won’t be able to use them or read them all at once. There are many great tools that save resources and help you organize your writing. Tools like Evernote and Instapaper can be great for brainstorming and jotting downing notes as you research potential blog post topics.

Enrich your posts with images

How to enhance blog contentYour post won’t look too appealing to potential readers if it’s nothing but a dense block of text. Most bloggers like to include at least one interesting image that can not only intrigue readers, but also make the blog posts more presentable and easier to look at with wincing. Two of the largest sources for free images are Flickr and Stock.xchng, but there are many other smaller ones too if you are not creatively inclined to create your own visuals. If you are good at art and graphic designed, you can embed your own personal photos and drawings in your blog, and there are amazing tools for creating, editing and converting images online that can help you create captivating images.

Use infographics

Another way to make your post more engaging is to include an infographic, or create a whole post in the form of an infographic. This is a very creative and effective way to deliver information, especially if the information is not too interesting in and of itself. Some very good infographic creators to check out are Visually, Easelly, and Piktochart. You can get ideas for infographics at dozens of blogs and websites that specialize in them, such as Daily Infographic.

Add audio and video

Tools that convert speech to text are brilliant aids for students, seminar goers, book reviewers, or anyone who wants to translate their notes or whatever they are reading in hard copy to text online. These tools actually come in handy to anyone not too fond of typing. Adding audio content and video content can also improve and diversify your blog greatly. Audio and video podcasts are great tools that will keep your content interesting and give people a break from all of the words on the page without having to refrain from learning something from your blog. However, both are used best in moderation. Adding too much audio or video to your blogs can not only get annoying, but it can also slow down your loading speed and make your blog look very bulky and hard to follow.

Quality control is essential

Though you surely have a spell-checker with your blogging platform, there are free proofreading services online that offer a bit more than simple spell-checking. For example, PaperRater will thoroughly analyze your text, look for possible plagiarism problems, suggest new vocabulary and rate the overall readability of your text. Quality over quantity needs to remain a priority for you, no matter how much your blog grows. Make sure to proofread and look over your blog posts multiple times before posting them. Having a free set of eyes to read your posts is also a good idea that can offer you different perspectives on your writing and what you can do to improve it.

Link to excellent outside sources

Your own ideas are most important at your blog, but linking to quality outside sources can never hurt. If you are looking for interesting content within your niche to help enhance your blog posts, check out sharing sites like Reddit and Delicious for the latest and most interesting articles being written in your niche. Sharing the contents of other bloggers within your own blog could also potentially lead to cooperation with these blogs and maybe even reciprocation in the form of these other blogs linking to quality content from your site.

Sprucing up your blog and making your content more interesting and engaging does not have to take a lot of effort. All of these tips are very easy to implement and furthermore, every one of these tactics will help you to become a better blogger in the long run.

What others tips would you recommend for enhancing the quality of your blog posts?


  1. Oluwaseun Babajide says:

    Thanks for sharing this lovely article with us David. I agree with everything above. I have never use infographics before. Something I have to look into.

    • Thanks Oluwaseun! Infographics are great for when you are trying to relay numbers and stats. That’s when I tend to use them most. Have fun!

  2. Nirmala says:

    Great post!

    Yeah, I agreed with your points! Out of these, I strongly recommended the good quality of the post with genuine words.

    Thanks for your enriching points for the newbie bloggers!

    • Thanks Nirmala!

      You’d be surprised how many people fail to spell check and edit their blog posts. It really does make a big difference in quality!

  3. Emmanuel says:

    The idea of using infographics sounds great. As to how to go about it is also another thing.
    Anyway thanks for bringing that idea up. I’m obviously going to consider that.

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Check out some of the links in the text for cool sites that make it really easy to create infographics without having to be a designer!

  4. abhishek says:

    Hey David,
    These are some really nice and good tips that i think everyone should follow to boost their traffic :)
    I myself will implement what i have been missing in my blog posts :) Thanks.

    • Thanks for having me, and I’m glad you liked the post :)

      Hopefully some of these tips can work for you.

  5. santosh says:

    hello DAVID,
    NICE POST very useful tips. i m agree with you that the quality of content should be good .
    and use of Infographics intresting.
    thanks !!!

    • Thanks Santosh, I\’\’m glad you found the post worthwhile try out the infographics and see how your blog posts can liven up from them.

  6. Janmejai says:

    Thanks for sharing some nice tips with us….also every blogger should be careful that the article he is publishing is well formatted and every reader will like it…

    • thanks for reading!

      A lot of people worry so much about what they are writing, they forget to check how they are writing. Re-reading and editing is very important.

  7. Kevin O’Keefe posted a great piece recently called Linking to and blogging about competitors’ blogs is smart . Darren at Problogger has also pointed out Kevin’s thoughts, because Darren knows that other than developing your own compelling original content, linking out to other relevant bloggers is critical to growth.

  8. sanjay says:

    Hello David Lazar,

    Thanks For this Tips For Enhancing Blog Content really nice written article good tips that everyone should know about them

  9. santosh says:

    I think you have explained all the important ways of enhancing blogcontent

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