Last Updated: August 30, 2014

Facebook Recommendation is broken: ‘Invalid action type’

Facebook Recommendations Box Plugin Error

Just started my laptop to work on my blog and what I saw that Facebook recommendations box was not working. It was giving an ‘Invalid action type’ error.

At first I thought that there might be same kind of plugin update so visited the Facebook Developer page for Facebook recommendations box plugin. But there was nothing that could help me and then I found that this plugin was giving the same error on Facebook Developer page.

So, I thought that this might be due slow internet connect and I switched to Data card from broadband connection. But still it was giving the same error.

Invalid action type error on Facebook developer page

Finally, I got to this conclusion that there is nothing that I can do and its just a plugin error from Facebook side.

So, if you are facing the same kind of problem do not worry it might get fixed soon.

Update: After being broken for over 5 hours, Facebook has finally fixed the bug in Facebook activity feeds and recommendation box.

Solution: If you are getting ‘Invaild action type’ error then you should add action=”recommend” in your Facebook Activity Feed and Recommendation Box. Thanks to commenter

Example: <fb:activity site=”” action=”recommend”></fb:activity>


  1. Roni Mmi says:

    also same problem on

    i getting mad for this issue. all my site is down…

  2. LifeCrust says:

    Same problem with me at:

  3. Good to know I’m not alone. Same problem on

  4. Anonymous says:

    The bug reporting issue on has also been down since early January so there’s no way we can report it, either.  Facebook is too busy worrying about their IPO, I guess than to fix the bug reporting system in a timely fashion and to not ship code that has bugs in it.  

  5. says:

    The problem is since the introdcution of timeline Facebook has made the attribute “action” mandatory. So just add an attribute action=like and you will see the plugin work in all its glory again. For example code view source any story page at

  6. Farey says:

    how to add “facebook recommendation box” to blogger?

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