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7 Free Online Backlink Checker Tools You Should Know About

There was a time when backlinks used to be one of the most important factor in SEO campaign for getting high page rank and better search engine ranking.

But in the year 2012, Google demoted the priority of backlinks and started considering many other signals to rank pages in search results.

However, backlinks still plays a vital role in SEO campaign but unlike old days, now it’s more important to build high quality backlink from authority blogs instead of building lots of low quality backlink.

And to check the quality or quantity of backlinks you need backlink analyzer tool. Therefore in this post I am going to tell you about a few useful free website backlink checker tools which you can use to watch your inbound link.

List of Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools for Websites and Blogs

By using these tool, you can derive the list of all the incoming links to your blog. You can use anyone of these tools but don’t expect to get the same result with each one.

#1. BackLink Watch

It is one of the most popular online backlink checker tool used by many bloggers and webmasters. You can use this tool to check the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your blog. It will show you anchor text, page rank and total number of outbound links on that page.

You will also be able to see whether the backlink is nofollow or dofollow.

The only thing which I don’t like about Backlink Watch is its pop-ups and the clutter of banner and text ads. Visit site

#2. Analyze Backlinks

Unlike Backlink Watch, Analyze Backlinks has a clutter free homepage and don’t even have pop-ups. Apart for that it gives you different options to filter your results like don’t repeat backlinks from same domain, show links only from homepage, find anchor text, total links, and outbound link on that page. Visit site

#3. Link Diagnosis

FREE Online Backlink Checker Tools You Should Know AboutLink Dignosis is another free tool that you can use to generate backlinks report either detailed or optimized. You can choose whether you want to check backlink for a single page or whole site.

Now here one thing you need to keep in mind that this tool works best with Mozilla FireFox and that too with Link Diagnosis Extension installed. Visit site

#4. Rank Signals

Rank Signals is another excellent tool to check your backlinks. You can use this tool to check the total number of backlinks, link anchor text, pagerank of the page from where you are getting backlink.

Not only it provides you backlink report but also show you, your current Page Rank and Alexa Rank.

The thing I like the most about Rank Signals is its clean and clutter free lookVisit site

#5. AHrefs

Ahrefs Site Explorer emerged in 2011 as an alternative to Yahoo! Site Explorer, which was shut down on November 21, 2011. Even though it is a paid tool but reports from its free version are quite impressive.

When you sign up for a free account you will be able to generate complete backlink analysis report for upto 10 pages along with anchor text report.

Apart from this, you will also get information like how many backlink you have got from different TDL’s like .edu, .gov, .com etc. and how many of them are dofollow and nofollow. Visit site

#6. Dig Backlink

Not so famous but a useful tool that you can use to analyze your backlinks  for free.

All you need is to sign up with your Facebook account and you will be able to generate backlink report for your blog. Just like any other tool Dig Backlink gives you useful information like Pagerank and mozRank of the domain from where you are getting backlink and  whether it is an image or text link etc.

One thing which I like the most about this tool is its clutter free interface with no pop ups or any other distracting things. Visit site

#7. Small SEO Tool Backlink Checker

Another free website backlink checker tool which gives you backlink report with information like site PageRank, page PageRank, anchor text and whether the link is dofollow or nofollow.

You may not find this tool as cool as others but the information it gives is really amazing. Give it a try, and share your experience with us. Visit site

Over to you…

Do you have anymore recommendations? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Jane says:

    Great list Tesur! Ahrefs is my all time favorite! And backlinking tools are a must have for bloggers :) Thanks!

    • Yeah! I agree, backlinking tools are must especially after the penguin update.

  2. Shyam Sunder says:

    I have been searching for these kinds of tools.I used to use alexa to check the links but I have found a better way.Thanks for the share.

    • Thanks for dropping comment, Shyam. I hope these tools will help you monitor your inbound links.

  3. Hi bro,
    Impressive list. I see a positive note on AHrefs by Jane. I’ll check that out right away!

    • Hey Enstine,
      AHrefs is the best tool I came across and when bloggers like Jane says it’s her all time favorite then there is no doubt in trying such tools. Right?

  4. Prajith says:

    Nice Post !!!
    But Yahoo site explorer(King to watch backlink) is missing.
    Click on “Inlinks” and select “Except from this domain”, It will also display count of backlinks.
    even in google webmasters, you can see backlinks for the website.
    I would like to add these two in your list.

    • Yeah Prajith, you can use Google webmaster tool to check your inbound links. But the problem is Google webmaster tool doesn’t gives you informations link Page Rank and mozRank of the page or domain from where you are getting backlink. Not even it shows whether the link is dofollow or nofollow.

      Another tool that you mentioned, Yahoo Site Explorer is no longer live. It was shut down back in 2011.

      So you can now understand why I did not added these tools in my list.

  5. Mubashir says:

    Hello Tesur,
    These tools are good. I have checked my blog using these tools but some of these provide different results. May be it happens they are crawling data using different resources. Although these tools to check backlinks are awesome.

  6. Nitin says:

    I didn’t know about these!Thanks specially for the first one.Its really good. i got problem with most of the backlink checker websites that i used earlier like they keep finding backlinks for minutes but the first BackLinkWatch computed backlink for my blog in just a second!

  7. Josh says:

    Thanks for the list of backlink checker tools.. Also check out LinkParser Firefox Add-on for checking both do follow and no follow links!!!

  8. Jermmy says:

    Nice post, this is very important to the people who is doing seo. and i know a good backlinks checker to help promotion websites, is totally free and no limit, and it is very professional.

    • Hi Jermmy, I just had a look at the site you mentioned in your comment its really good worth mention here. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment.

  9. Barbara Varovsky says:

    Thanks for the list Tesur! That’s what I have been looking for!! ^___^

    But I got a little question. A friend of mine also advised my to check SEO SpyGlass and WebMeUp Backlink Tool. As I was told these apps have huge backlink databases and are capable of advanced backlink analysis.

    I can’t find them on your list and just wondering if you ever heard of such backlink checkers. If yes, what is your opinion of them? Are they worth attention?

    • I haven’t tried them yet! But I read many good reviews about SEO SpyGlass and people says that it’s an awesome tool to analyze your website and the websites of your competition. As far as, WebMeUp Backlink Tool is concerned I won’t comment about it as I have never heard of it.

  10. Really nice article. Thanks for posting this great information and are capable of advanced back link analysis. It will definitely be helpful, Thanks a lot.

  11. Kamal Ganesan says:

    Great list brother,its really very useful to check my website Back-links Brother,once again thanks a lot for sharing,need more posts like this.

  12. saras says:

    thanks for this list of tools to check backlinks.
    I like this post and going to try these tools for my blog.
    Thanks for posting articles like this.

  13. Alex says:

    Thanks Tesur, you listed useful links which give us free of cost website backlink checker.

  14. Ian Hope says:

    Honestly the backlink checker at number 7 is the best as you have stated the amount of information it provides is amazing. If you want to know about something immediately with comprehensive data, I think this is the only free too. Thanks for the great info, you have really solved my problem.

  15. Colm says:

    Do any of these have an export facility? Thanks

    • If you want to export backlink report then you should go for AHrefs. They have the option to export backlink report both in PDF and CSV format. You’ll find this option at bottom of left-hand sidebar once your report is generated.

  16. santosh says:

    Nice post Rajan, you have also mention some of my all time favorite tools like AHrefs. I will try rest of the tools and compare the results. Thanks for sharing

  17. nice do follow online back link checker tool !
    I will use it with my own sites .

  18. Indra Asmara says:

    Ahrefs the best backlink checker at this moment. This little bit expensive but it’s worth it.

  19. Ranjith says:

    Its very nice list.

    I liked Ranksignals and Small seo tools

    Thanks you

  20. Tai Kemulator says:

    Great Tools, ahref is best, but not free

  21. Raviraj says:

    Thanks Mate for the list. My favorites are Ahrefs & LinkDiagnosis

  22. Kevin says:

    i’ve just tried them all, including Backlink watch and, i find ahrefs much better but it shows very few links for the free users.., apart from this “opensiteexplorer” also good. :) thanks for proving this information,

  23. Liam says:

    nice list, some tools might be quite interesting! But to make the list a bit more up to date, I would add WebMeUp’s backlink tools here (not all-in-one WebMeUp seo tools, but mainly their backlink tool at

  24. Pressi says:

    Hi Tesur,

    Which tool do you currently prefer to use?

    • I always prefer to use Aherf. It’s the best backlink checker tool I’ve found.

  25. Akshay says:

    Wow! really informative post..
    till now i knew about smallseotools only, thanks for letting me know about 6 more amazing tools for spying my competitor. hope to rank well in google now.
    Thanks a lot!

  26. What about Open Site Explorer? I often use Ahref and Open Site Explorer. They’re best tools for backlinks check. Thanks for the awesome post!

  27. gaurav says:

    thanks for sharing. these are really helpful to know the actual backlinks’ information.
    keep blogging :)

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