How to Make Website with WordPress – Easy steps by steps guide for begainers

How to make website? Today we are going to create a free website with WordPress.


  1. Why you love this guide to setup new blog?
  2. Steps to make website.
  3. How to buy a domain name.
  4. Register hosting  for make WordPress blog.
  5. Connect hosting with domain name.
  6. How to install WordPress?
  7. Install themes in your new WordPress blog.
  8. How to add new posts, pages and categories to WordPress webpage?
  9. How to add menus in new webpage.
  10. Edit and change website name and description.
  11. Install plugins in WordPress site.


Why you love this guide to setup free website



Guide for Beginners:

I am write this article for non website developer or beginners. This guide to make website are explained in details with easy steps by steps guide. If you don’t know anything about how to make free blog, then no problem become you get here easy way to make website.

EditWordPress Platform:

At this time 50% website users are using WordPress platform, because WordPress give as a best way to handle our websites with many special features. So, i am also provide you simple way to setup your website with WordPress.

We are here to help you :

If you have any problem in this guide to create your own web page then you are always free to place comments. We are regularly check comments.

Easy Steps to Create your own Website

Domain Name:

For make a website you need a domain name.

Domain name is the address of your site like my you can buy domain name from different place but I know a place where you can buy domain name in low cast. If you are an Indian and you wanna make website then you can buy a domain name at just Rs. 99 only.

So follow below steps for buy a domain name for your website.

  • You found like upper image, So just select your website domain name and proceed to buy.
  • In the website you also need to create a new account, because if you use your old goddady account then you are not able to buy domain name at Rs. 99 rupees.

Now you have your domain name to make a website. Now we are going to next step for build website with WordPress.

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Hosting :

Hosting is the main thing for make a site, because if we don’t use hosting then where we can manage or run our website. At the world many hosting provider are available but many hosting providers are not good.

So I just telling you that if you buy bad hosting then your money going wasted. I am here to introduction you to best hosting in below.

BlueHost :

Bluehost in the best web hosting provider at this time. They are give quality hosting with 24 x 7 hour support. If you are make a website with bluehost then you website rank also increase faster then other hosting.

To create a website choose best hosting for get best results faster. So follow below steps to buy a good hosting for build a website.

  • First of all go to
  • And register with new account and fill up all data and buy hosting for make a website.

If you are buy hosting from here then you also get free .com domain name. So you don’t need to buy domain name from godaddy for make website.


Union host is the best hosting for middle class peoples. Because it provide hosting at just Rs. 50 rupees per month. I am also use this hosting so it is just best.

Blue host is good but unionhost also not bad so just follow below steps:

  • Firstly go to the
  • Then select your hosting pack, register your account and buy it.
  • After buying hosting you are successfully complete second step to make site.

Now you are near to see your own website. Follow next steps to complete the process to setup a new website.

To make website Connect hosting with domain:

This process is not very hard, to setup a website you need to follow below instructions:

  • Go to your domain name website and find for manage it. If you are buy domain name then go to my product section.
  • Then find for Name server in my product.
  • You are get a mail from hosting provider, in this mail you get name server address.
  • So just copy that name server and place it in you domain name name server.

So, this step to make website connect hosting with domain name is complete.

Install WordPress to setup your website

WordPress is the best place to build website, because WordPress give lot of options to customize website. And most important thing is that WordPress provide many plugins to maintain website.

I am also use WordPress platform to build website’s and new project’s. Follow below steps to create website with WordPress:

  1. First of all go to your web hosting website and go to to make website, easy make website, ways to make website, how to build website, how to build website with WordPress, builds WordPress website free, how to create website, how to buy domain name, how to buy hosting, best hosting for new site, how to install themes in WordPress, way to install plugins in WordPress.
  2. Then find for app installer, and here you find WordPress to install
  3. So just click on WordPress for make a site, and here fill up details and install WordPress.
  4. Wait for installation, it’s take some time to install.
  5. After complete installation go to
  6. You got your website login page here.

So now you are successfully make website. Now you an website owner. Making website with WordPress is so easy anyone can easily make a blog with WordPress.

How to Install new themes on WordPress

If you make website with WordPress then you don’t get any problem to find right theme for your new website. Because there many web themes developer’s are available to help you.

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Steps to install WordPress themes on your new website

Website theme have major roll to make website, if I visit your website and I found bad layout or theme, them what I do? Go back. So follow below steps and make good impression to your website visitors.

  1. First of all go to your website dashboard from www.your
  2. You see here your new website login page.
  3. Go to appearance tab from menu and go to themes.
  4. Then go to add themes tab and now select any themes from here and install it.
  5. You can activate theme or also check live preview of this theme.


  1. Go to your website appearance option from dashboard.
  2. Tap on themes and here you find add themes, so click on add themes.
  3. Then you find upload themes bar at the top.

You can find WordPress plugins from, so download any plugin to your blog and make better website.

So, this steps are easy then make website. After install themes make your website perfect with plugins in next step.

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How to add post and pages in new WordPress page or blog

After install WordPress themes to your new WordPress blog, you are searching for how to add new posts and pages.

There’s many things important to write a good blog posts. You can see this post How to write good blog posts, and write healthy contents. Let’s follow below steps to post to your new website:

Add post:

  1. Go to and open dashboard.
  2. Then go to menu and find for post ad open it.
  3. Here you see add a new post bar so open it.

So add a new post to your new blog and startup for new world.

You can also categories your all posts from add new page section, follow below steps for categories your new blog posts.

Steps to categories new posts

  • First go to add new post section.
  • And search for categories box in right slide bar of add new post section.
  • Then add new categories and write post and categories your blog posts.

Steps to Add pages:

  1. Go to >> log in >> dashboard >> pages >> add new page.
  2. So click on add page bar and add about your blog, contact…etc

Pages are require in WordPress blog, because in those pages you can fill anything about you, your blog…etc

How to add menu to new WordPress blog

Menus are very important for our blog, because of those menu we are able to set up our WordPress page properly for our blog visitors. Let’s follow below steps for add menu in your blog:

  1. Open your blog dashboard and go to the menu and find for appearance.
  2. Open Appearance bar and here you see menu bar, click on it.
  3. Then you find here like below image.
  4. In upper image you see what you wanna do.

Add menu to your blog and make your blog more better for your blog visitors. You can also add  categories to your website menu.

How to edit or change website name and description

If you do any mistake on your blog name and description on your blog building time then you can change or edited your blog name and description. Just follow below simple steps:

  1. Firstly log in to your blog dashboard and find for settings bar in menu section.
  2. Then go to general setting bar and edit and change you blog name and description.

This is not very hard, you will easily do that steps to edit your blog name and description.

How to install plugin in new WordPress website

After build a WordPress website we need to improve our website and we are searching for plugins, because this feature is best of the WordPress team.

Follow below steps to install plugins to your blog:

  1. Firstly go to your blog login page (ex-
  2. Then go to plugin section and here you see “add new plugin”.
  3. Open it and install any plugin to your new WordPress blog.


  1. Go to www.your>> dashboard>> plugins>> add plugins>> upload plugin
  2. Here you can upload plugin to your WordPress blog.

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You can find more  plugins from WordPress official website so now you are able to install plugins to your new blog.

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Remember this things for be a good website owner

Building website is not a big deal, important thing is that create good website for you and your website visitors. So, if you wanna make your own website great?  Then follow  below steps to build good website:

  • Firstly choose a unique domain name related to your website topic about you wanna build your website.
  • Website name and website description is also important thing for create website. If your own website name is bad then why people love your website. So choose a pretty name for website.
  • Website description also lead important role in making good website. your website have good description then people’s faster reach to your website.
  • Do not copy paste any content in your website. If you wanna make website with good content then remember do not copy paste any content in website.


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