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5 Tips On How To Write An SEO Friendly Post

Being a blogger in this day and age is no easy life. This is due to the fact that aside from the hard-to-please human readers that one wishes to attract to his/her site, a blogger also has to worry about web crawlers. Thus, the industry of Search Engine Optimization was born.

Writing an SEO friendly post today is the key to ensuring an ideal position in the cyber space. Still, most writers fail to understand this very principle and ends up spending more than they originally should. In case you’re on that very boat right now, worry not for you can learn how to do this and save money yourself. The following are some of the most basic principles behind effective SEO writing for your page.

A Few Good Posts Is Better Than A Thousand Spams

Relevance is the name of the game when you’re dealing with search engines. This simply means you have to offer something helpful to the one you’re trying to converse with. The only way to climb up the ranks is by tackling a subject that’s useful to human readers. Think about the topics that you’re going to post on your site and see if they can be of any use to your target audience.

A good technique in figuring out what’s useful to your readers and what’s not is by going back to your site’s niche. It all boils down to the interest of your audience. Know this well and you’ll be able to crack what hooks people and eventually, search engines.

Do Your Homework & Research Effective Keywords

You need to remember that search engines are artificial intelligence that detect and penalize spammers by using the keywords found in an article. Hence, writing thousands of irrelevant content by “keyword stuffing” will not get you anywhere. Always keep in mind that certain words can make or break your post. Utilizing too many of the same keyword could be counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve. You need to allot ample time in keyword research. Figure out the critical words that will be used by your readers when they are looking for a specific topic and utilize them sparingly.

In addition to that, Google and other search engines usually assumes that the words first used in your article are of greatest importance. Using certain terms in your headings and introductions could help you land a favorable position in a search category.

Feedback Is Important

The comment section of your article is a treasure trove of ideas. You will be able to develop new topics for following posts checking in how people perceive your current work. Just be ready for some people are harsh critics. Take everything as constructively as you can.

Furthermore, replying to comments is vital to promote interaction between you and your readers. Have an open-mind and you will no longer find yourself lacking in the idea department.

Incorporate Links To Your Copy

One of the common mistakes that web writers do today is “forcing” keywords and links into the body of their posts. Search engines have a way of determining whether or not your work is correct in grammar and construction. Thus, doing this very practice is actually placing yourself in a troublesome position.

Instead of doing it the traditional way, try to incorporate the links when you’re writing your copy. The more natural your links are, the better it will be received both by your readers and by search engines.

Images Add Flair To Your Content

As stated above, the only way you could climb up the ranks is by offering something helpful to the Internet. Sometimes people disregard copies that appears boring on the get-go. Needless to say, it also reflects negatively for web crawlers and so, the site is penalized.

You can avoid this yourself by including images to your posts. Just keep in mind that the picture needs to be related to the body of the article. Otherwise, people will find it strange and awkward, preventing you from getting the desired results.

Writing an SEO friendly article is needed by web writers of today in order to set themselves apart from the thousand of irrelevant pages found on the Internet. If you want to get ahead of the curve then you’d best heed these simple yet effective tips!

Rahul Meena

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